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Character description is one of those things that is an absolute must. It doesn’t matter whether that character is a person, an animal, an automobile or a place. There must be something that allows the reader to create an image in their head so they can visualize whatever is happening in the story that the author decided to unleash on the world.

Depending on the character it could be a short narrative description: A tall man in an overcoat brushed by Jamie, muttering as he fumbled with the stack of papers he carried.

Or a comment made by another character…

I have a confession to make. I am a serial procrastinator. The fact this is being posted a few days after the first of the new year is a good indication that best intentions don’t always play out on time. But, one of my goals this year is to write more. More specifically, it’s a three part goal comprised of the following:

  1. Write 1 post per week. It’s good practice.
  2. Write 3 short stories and complete them.
  3. Complete my current novel and begin to work on the next 2.

Do you see a theme?

I’m doing this because while I’ve…

Andre Breillatt

Writer, business consultant, traveler, lover of cats

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